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Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD

A tower defense action roguelike where you control a single tower to fight against hordes of aliens coming from all directions. Pick your tower, equip up to 4 skills, and choose from a variety of traits and items to craft powerful builds that lead you to victory.

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Prologue played by Angory Tom
Xbox announcement trailer on ID@Xbox channel
Demo played by Wanderbots



You are in charge of the last tower on Earth, against an army of alien invaders. Use your skills wisely in combat, and make smart choices in the shop, as you are humanity’s last hope.


Your objective for each non-endless run is to defend your only tower from hordes of aggressive enemies till the end. A non-endless run is divided into 20 waves, and you can take a break after beating each wave to shop for items.

About the combat, you have the only tower at the center of view, enemies come to you from all directions. Your tower can automatically shoot bullets at the enemies, and you can also have other passive support units, too, but the best part of the game though, in most builds, comes from your manual skills. They are the major sources of damage and the triggers of powerful synergies. When and how you use your manual skills in combat matter!

To get better at the game, there are two domains you must try to master: using your skills effectively in the combats and choosing the items so they work best together (a.k.a crafting your best builds).


  • Roguelike/roguelite experience: this game has a run structure with permanent death, auto-generated levels, and randomized item offers so no run is the same. The roguelite part, in a sense of progression outside runs, is very mild. You don’t have any permanent upgrades outside runs, but you can permanently unlock more contents of the game (be it difficulties, towers, skills, or items) by achieving certain requirements in a run.
  • Towers: there are many towers you can choose from to start a run. Each tower has a unique set of buffs and debuffs that can significantly affect the strategic feel of the run.
  • Skills: there are many skills you can choose from to equip your tower with. You can equip up to 4 skills simultaneously. Each skill can be upgraded up to 2 times, has a unique enhancement, and has at least 3 traits. Skills can be acquired in the prep phase of each run, and throughout the run. The first skill you pick each run has additional benefits.
  • Combat: to win a wave, you simply have to survive a fixed time duration. Each wave lasts from 20 to 90 seconds.
  • Items and shop: most items have both negative and positive effects, and are offered randomly within certain rules. Improvise to craft your best builds. Shop, even though is relatively simple, has its own set of features that you should consider to optimize your strategy.
  • Difficulties: the game comes with 6 difficulties, whether you’re new to the genre or a veteran, you will find the right challenge for you. The different difficulties modify enemies’ health, damage, and spawning rate, and add new enemies, including elite, regular, and boss enemies.
  • Endless mode: you only have to survive 20 waves to be considered beat a difficulty. But you can opt into Endless mode to test how long you can hold it!