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Experience Beat Stickman: Beyond – Story Mode for free, “unlimited” slot. Just promise me to give feedback.

So, I’ve been working on improving Beat Stickman: Beyond – Story Mode, a game I launched a year ago. I posted about that here.

I’ve done everything I liked to change and I could (considering I’m taking a break from the main project, so I have limited time). I myself tested the game, and I’m personally quite happy with how it is now. It took me less than 9 hours (both idle and active time) in the game to reach the end of the main story. I played like a normal player, no cheating at all.

Now, before I officially launch it on October 23, I want you to try it first (darn, I should’ve done this kind of thing early in the development of the game). So, read the first post above, if you’re interested in the game, let me know by leaving a comment and I’ll send you a Steam key. About the keys:

  • It’s the Playtest version of the game, which means you can still buy the main game if you like 😆
  • But in terms of content, it practically is the full game, I just straight up built the full game and uploaded it to the Playtest package.
  • The number of keys for giving away is unlimited. Sure there’s nothing technically unlimited but I don’t expect you guys can legally consume the 1000 keys I just requested from Steam 😁 (All the requests will be fulfilled, but in case something wild happens, we’ll see).
  • I have no plan for now, but expect the playtest to be disabled at some point though.
  • Your progress will be transferred seamlessly when you play the official Beat Stickman: Beyond – Story Mode, because, again, it’s the same binary.
    OK, so hope you’ll enjoy the game, let’s pay attention to the main story because the ending will be very satisfying (well, the ending will be played whenever you reach the point, no matter what, but if you pay attention to the main story, things will make much more sense). And remember to give me your feedback.

P.s: if you thinking of buying the game, buy it now if you want to support me, or you can wait till Oct. 23 when the deep discount is in effect.

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