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Convince Valve it’s a deckbuilder

So, Steam is having a fest for deckbuilding games. Here are my arguments to prove Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD is a good fit:

  • It’s a roguelike
  • Cards (a.k.a in-game items) are the building blocks of each run
  • Card management:
    +) You add new cards by achieving certain things (winning, killing special enemies,…) or buying via gold
    +) Cards are offered randomly but you can reroll
    +) There are cards that influence how other cards appear, like: modifying rarity chances, modifying bugged cards chances, discovering cards that haven’t appeared in the run, making the next bough card appear again,…
    +) There are cards with bad effects and cards that cancel out those bad effects
    +) There are cards that effects depend on the meta info of your current deck (how many bugged cards you have, how many different cards you’re having, whether they are the first cards of their rarities that you owned,…)
    +) You can lock a card if you’re offered but can not buy at the moment, or for some strategic reason, buying them later will have more benefits.

P.s: the items are visually cards.

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