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Rebalancing targets of Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD

I’m rebalancing Towerful Defense: A Rogue TD.

Game balance is a branch of game design with the intention of improving gameplay and user experience by balancing difficulty and fairness. Game balance consists of adjusting rewards, challenges, and/or elements of a game to create the intended player experience.

To me, balancing a game is to tweak it so players will have the intended (by the dev) experience.

So, in this post, after the photo of a cat balancing himself for an unknown purpose, I’ll outline the major experiences that I aim for when rebalancing the game (which I’m gonna do right after finishing this post, and might occasionally make updates to the list).

  • Players often destroy a big bunch of enemies at once
  • Players must take care of at least 2 stats in a run (with priority)
  • Enemies must test many aspects of the player’s build.

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